Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wrapping up January

It's really hard for me to believe that January has come and gone and it is now time for a new month. We've been so busy around here that the days are just flying by.

With me now working full time, I've had to recruit some helpers for dinner time. Joshua really enjoys anything that keeps his hands busy. He really likes the old fashioned juicer. He also likes being the dumper for any ingredients going into the KitchenAid, and scooping things like flour and sugar.
Keith was only home for a handful of days in the month of January. We all loved every minute of it. Joshua and Keith got some good games of Around the World in out there on the driveway.

Joshua told us all about a science experiment he learned about this past summer at Goal camp. So we talked Grandpa into helping us learn about what happens when Diet Coke and Mentos mints mix. My pictures came out terribly blurry because of the Diet Coke shooting in the air. We'll try this again when Daddy is home, and we'll video it. Joshua thinks it's the coolest thing ever. Grandpa was pretty funny, I'm pretty sure he wasn't expecting the Diet Coke to shoot out of the bottle.This past weekend, our church had a health fair. The kids and I went to check it out. In the past, Daniel would not have anything to do with any kind of bouncy house. He's not a big fan of unstable surfaces. Going to daycare now has really brought him out of his shell. Megan offered to hold his hand if he went into the bounce house with her and so he finally went. It was so sweet to watch Megan mothering him along.


Anonymous said...

I love the Diet Coke/Mentos experiment - definitely did that one a few times with my science campers :)

And Megan is so cute, helping him out!

Mrs. Darling said...

I cant imagine seeing my husband so little.

My kids love the Diet Coke and Mento mints experiment.