Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend Fun

This weekend, the weather was beautiful. I spend quite a bit of time looking back over our blog at what the kids looked like this time last year. It's so cute to see how much they've grown.

After church this weekend, we went to feed the ducks at the park.

Joshua was looking on the map to decide where the best place would be to feed the ducks. He's quite the little planner.

Megan decided to eat the bread instead of feeding it to the ducks.
This morning, we got up early to join our church's walking group, Witness 4 Fitness. We met a few friendly faces for some good morning salutations and then we hit the trail at our own pace. We walked down to one of the parks and played for quite a while. Then after probably about an hour, we walked back home. I was afraid that if the kids got too tired playing, it would be a rough walk home!
The kids had a blast at the park.
Megan found a spider's web and was so excited to share her discovery with Joshua.
After returning home to clean up a bit, the kids and I were off again to run some afternoon errands. We had lunch at the Lakeside Cafe at the hospital. The kids really enjoyed their blueberry pancakes. It's so nice to eat outside by the water. After finishing their lunch, we wandered over to the hospital's helicopter pad where we briefly met two of the flight nurses.

Then we drove over to OJA, the other school in our area associated with our church. Their open house was cowboy style and really cute. I guess I misunderstood the term "open house" and was thinking it was just a stop in and look around kind of deal. Instead it actually started at 1pm and was a pretty structured program. I didn't really want to spend the afternoon at the school because I still needed to get to the grocery store and because we are still 99% certain we are returning to homeschooling next year (but we are still weighing all of our options). So we met a few nice teachers and enjoyed the visit to the classrooms (which are easily two times bigger than the kids' current classrooms and filled with wonderfully age-appropriate toys and books, not to mention the play area that was segregated for big kids/little kids and NO SAND! - The sand at FLEC is the bane of my existence.) Overall, the school was fantastic. But again, we're fairly certain we are homeschooling again next year. I just wanted to check out all of our options, in the event that something unforseen happens and we are unable to homeschool. I'm not all together unhappy with the school the kids are in now. Keith and I both strongly feel the urge to bring the kids back home for at least a year and then perhaps we can take another look at returning to FLEC (or OJA).

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