Thursday, February 12, 2009

Castle of my Heart

This morning, Joshua's Kindergarten class had a Castle of My Heart banquet. I'm fortunate to have a flexible job that allowed me to take some time off of work this morning to go to the kids' school for a few hours.

Each of the "knights" escorted a "lady" into the banquet hall and sat her at the beautifully decorated table.

While the kids were seated quietly, Pastor McCoy did a special worship with the kids. Then the knights and ladies gathered around the piano to sing some songs. At this point, Joshua was hot and tired, but enjoyed being able to sing with a sword and shield.

The food was fantastic. Our classroom always has a good variety of foods when it's potluck time. After eating brunch, the teacher pulled out some materials to make a craft. I took one look at the sugar cubes, gummy candies and tubs of frosting and raised an eyebrow. Susan (Joshua's teacher) laughed and assured me that the kids won't be eating any of the candy, as I seem to have a reputation as the "junk food police" now.

Joshua made a fantastic castle. He made windows and stairs. Joshua didn't eat any of the candy or frosting.

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Rachel H. said...

That is so sweet! What a fun little day together! And a great idea for a themed meal!