Sunday, December 7, 2008

Where did the week go?

We had a bit of a busy week, which ended with everyone having the sniffles.Our plan to keep Joshua busy has worked well for him. We notice he is more likely to misbehave or to pester one of his siblings when he can't find something to do. I'm now trying to leave some coloring or art related supplies out for the kids to get to when I am busy folding laundry or making dinner. Joshua is also taking an active part in re-organizing his room to make it work more for him. We plan on doing some work on it tomorrow, and I'll take some pictures if I remember.
Today Joshua's friend Gaby celebrated her birthday at Build-A-Bear. I am so grateful that Grandma met us up at the mall. The party got off to a late start, but because we were racing out the door to get there in time nobody had eaten lunch. So after leaving Joshua under the watchful eye of Gaby's parents, I took the little kids up to the food court with Grandma. While we were there, we ran into Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter. They were advertising story time at the bookstore.

Grandma and I took the kids to the bookstore for the story time. They listened to a story by Belle from Beauty and the Beast. It was very cute and the kids seemed to enjoy it. Belle was perfectly "Disney-like" in her mannerisms, and I had to practice great self-control at the urge to roll my eyes at the over-the-top princess story about being a "good mannered princess". But then I remember that it's all in fun and Megan is a practical girl that enjoys the princess thing, but doesn't take it too far.

Joshua enjoyed his time at Build-A-Bear. He built a super-cook bear complete with sunglasses and a skateboard.


Melissa said...

Your blog is beautiful Mary! I love the design. Your pictures are always so decriptive of what you guys are up too!

Rachel H. said...

You are just such a great mom. I feel so often like I get in the slumps and then we go nowhere...but you, you're always on the go, always doing wonderful things with your kids. IT IS GREAT! What a fun day--