Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Few of Our Favorite Things

The kids have been really enjoying their new Christmas toys. The marble run seems to be a huge hit with both the little kids and my big kid.
Keith helped the kids make a super cool marble roller coaster.

One of the fun things about moving around so often is that we had a few boxes that have been taped up since about 3 or 4 moves back. I unpacked a box a few nights ago that had some stuff from our wedding in it. Megan grabbed the shoes and claimed them for herself.
She danced around in them pretending to be married. Then she took them off and put them in a box and told me to save them until she fits into them and then she can be married. She's so funny!

The kids love to play in the hallway. It drives me crazy because I have to climb over them to get past them.
Joshua is pretty proud of the Coast Guard helicopter that he put together. It was one of his favorite Christmas presents.


Rachel H. said...

That would be very cute to save those shoes for sweet Megan! :) What a clever girl...

And that marble run would make for hours of fun! WHata great idea!

Anonymous said...

I love the shoes - so cute!

Dayfamilyof4 said...

My kids love to play in the hallway too, it drives me bonkers :) I rarely think about it, but isn't it nice that they can entertain themselves at least a little bit . It wasn't too long ago that they needed to be held/ fed/ changed/ played with, all day, every day. Whew! I'm thankful thats over, even though I loved it :) They grow and change so much. Sage is our little dress up princess theses days too. She is always talking about when she "marries a man with Jesus in his heart." Little ones are so fun.