Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Almost a Santa Visit

On Tuesday night we went to Cranes Roost Park to visit with Santa and Mrs. Claus. Apparently every other person in our town all had that same plan. When we arrived, the line to see Santa was very long. In fact, an officer was standing at the midway part of the line and announced that if you had not moved up in line past him by 8pm, then you would not be able to visit with the Claus family tonight. The officer doing crowd control happens to be a friend of Keith and mine from many years ago. Troy and Keith graduated from high school together, and we all spent lots of fun times hanging out in high school. Joshua was quick to point out to me that Troy had a pistol on his side. We walked the loop of the park and passed quite a few large festive lighted displays.
Daniel is such a fast walker. When he is excited, those little legs start moving at a nearly jogging pace. I think he was dragging Grandma around the park.

The kids enjoyed the fountain show. The fountain was choreographed with Christmas music.

Joshua and Grandpa heading over to the large Christmas tree.
We ended up deciding not to wait in the gigantic line. Maybe we'll go back next week a little earlier to wave hello to the Claus family.

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