Saturday, December 20, 2008


This picture was taken by one of the other parents from Megan's classroom. Since I managed to forget to bring my camera to both kids' parties, I figured I would post this gem instead.

Thursday morning, Megan's classroom had a breakfast party. Megan's teacher made homemade hot cocoa and one of the other parents brought in his waffle maker and made homemade waffles for the kids. We also had scrambled eggs and veggie-link sausage. That morning, Megan helped me to put together a big bowl of chopped fruit for her class. I was shocked at how good all the kids ate. I spent quite a bit of time dishing up second helpings of eggs, sausage and fruit for most of the kids. The kids sang songs for the parents and showed us all their Christmas crafts.

At about 10:30am, Megan's party was over and Joshua's was about to begin. Daniel and I left the pre-K classroom and went over to Joshua's K classroom. Joshua's classroom has an actual kitchen in it with a real refrigerator, sink, microwave and oven. When we got to Joshua's room, one of the mothers had already put a veggie casserole in the oven and was washing off strawberries in the sink. The teacher's parents are visiting from out of town and are very much the typical sweet older grandparents. Mr. S. was playing his guitar while the kids sat around him singing Christmas carols. It was very nice. The kids made dirt sundaes out of pudding, oreo cookies and cool whip.


Anonymous said...

Hurray for veggie eating!

Zach and Beth said...

FUN! Your kids are such good eaters.