Thursday, December 25, 2008


Our telephone rang last night as I was putting the kids to bed and it was Keith's cousin, Michael Shank. It took me more than a few minutes to register, because in my mind Micheal is this daring, high-energy, adorable little boy - not the grown adult on the other end of the line.

Michael and his dad - Keith's Uncle Ron - were in town for a football game and happened to be staying very close to our house. So they popped on over for a visit to see Keith since Keith won't be making it to the family reunion next week.

The last time we saw the Shank Family, they were on vacation in Boston and drove out to Cape Cod to visit with us. We were all still in the hospital, since Joshua had just been born a few days earlier. I think perhaps during that visit, a little bit of Uncle Ron rubbed off on Joshua, because Josh is very into sports.

Keith was so excited that Micheal was coming to the house that he ran outside to wait for him. Micheal and his brother, Alex, are two very important boys to Keith. Keith watched over them the summer before Keith joined the Coast Guard.

It was so nice to see them. It really thrilled Keith to see what a great young man Micheal is. Micheal and Ron patiently listened to Daniel give a tour of his room. Joshua went back to bed, he's been pretty tired. Megan was ready to get up and put on some dress up clothes - the party girl that she is.

This morning, the house is much tidier than last night, and I'm hoping to not be in my PJ's when our morning visitors come. We are having a pancake breakfast for twenty people today. Some dear friends are visiting from out of town.

It's so fun to be back home close enough to visit with friends and family.


Rachel H. said...

SO MUCH FUN! I love visitors...any time! What a great get together this morning...

Mrs. Darling said...

Oh I love those unexpected calls. Wish I could join you for breakfast!