Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ponce Inlet Lighthouse

This weekend, the kids and I drove out to Daytona Beach to visit with my family. Joshua was very excited to see a real lighthouse. Daniel was pretty tired by the time we got there. He had only taken a 15 minute nap in the car, so I wasn't sure how well he was going to tolerate such a big outing.

The kids were pretty excited to climb up into the lighthouse.

The spiral staircase was very fun to climb. There are 203 steps.

The top of the lighthouse was beautiful. The kids loved looking out over the water looking for pirates.

This is a view of the top of the lighthouse from the viewing deck.

Daniel is pouting because he wanted me to carry him. I had forgotten that the "grumpy threes" follows the "terrible twos". He's so moody lately. Once we were heading down the stairs he was happy again.

Megan was yelling down from the top of the lighthouse trying to get Nana's attention.

The kids each enjoyed banging on the big bell outside one of the buildings. There were quite a few Coast Guard pictures on display and that always excites this crowd.

There is a really cool exhibit about the actual light that lights the lighthouse. Joshua thought the different refractory lenses were cool to look at.
The kids had a great time. We'll probably drive up to St. Augustine to check out that lighthouse sometime soon.


Rachel H. said...

MY GOODNESS!!! What I would GIVE to take pictures there! You got some great shots!!! AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Awesome photos!

Wild Banks' said...

That's so AWESOME! It's gorgeous and the kids are so cool- I liked Josh's pose by the sign, very macho.
A beach with real live sand?! It's amazing! And so much fun!
I'm told that the good and grumpy take 6 month cycles, hang in there!