Thursday, November 6, 2008

Indian Trail Lunch

While Grandma, Daniel and I were at Green Meadows with Megan's class, Grandpa and Daddy were helping out with Joshua's class Indian Trail Lunch. The kids were all given Indian costumes to dress up in for the day.
The had many games to play - riding horses, using bows and arrows, and tomahawk throws. After their games, the kids foraged in the woods for their food (snacks that the parents had packed and sent in).

Back at the camp, the kids had lunch and learned about the Indian lifestyle. Joshua tells me that this was is best day of school EVER.


Wild Banks' said...

Adorable! Wish they did that kind of thing up here- I agree with Josh, it looks like THE BEST day of school EVER!

Rachel H. said...

What a FUN DAY!