Monday, November 3, 2008

FLEC Fall Festival

The kids' school had a fall festival this weekend. This is one fund-raiser that I can really get behind. We purchased a bunch of tickets and then used our tickets to pay for food, drinks, rides and games. The kids loved the drummers. These drummers had such enthusiasm, Megan was grooving to the beat.
Each of the kids took a turn at playing mini-golf. I have to admit, I was a bit nervous that the golf course was set up so close to parked cars. But everyone managed to keep their ball on the green.

Joshua was sure to inform the game-keeper that the putters were not the right size for him. He did his best, anyway.

Megan was thrilled at the opportunity to ride a horse. Her little pony tails were just flopping in the breeze.

There was a small area with games for the little ones to play. Daniel enjoyed fishing while Megan was on the horse.
It was a really great idea for a fund-raiser. We enjoyed hanging out with friends from school. And Grandma and Grandpa came out to check it out, too. The weather was great the whole time we were there. However, just as I was pulling out of the school parkinglot to head home, the skies opened up and a heavy rain began to fall.

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