Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Down time

We had an extremely busy weekend this past weekend. Sunday afternoon was a bit tough because the school play really messed with our usual schedule. Then there was our big 2 hour drive over to Clearwater and back. By the time I got back to our house, the clock was creeping past bedtime, and heads were nodding in the back seats.

We try to balance busy times with down time. So Monday evening instead of the usual room tidying and before bed shower frenzy, we had a chill-out kindof night. The kids got a chance to each play in the tub for quite some time and then enjoyed some breakfast for dinner. We snuggled on the couch enjoying a cute movie about a bear and then it was bedtime.


Mrs. Darling said...

Tink at almost 12 years old rarely takes baths anymore. But Peter, I declare that boy can spend an hour or more in the tub. I love the pic on here...sometimes I think it would be fun to go back in time and dress my dolls in bubbles. sigh

Rachel H. said...

I love the idea of balancing down time with busy time. I guess I don't know that I always do that very well...

I think it's about time for a down time night...yours sounded so nice!