Monday, August 19, 2013

Wrapping up Summer...and Joshua's 11th Birthday

This summer came and left in a blink of an eye.  I had all sorts of great plans in my head of things we were going to do.  I have no regrets, minus a few late nights of studying for me, the summer overall was pretty fun. 

We went to the outlet mall to do some back-to-school shopping, mostly from the Nike store for their good deal on sneakers and athletic shorts.  While parking there is absolutely horrific, there are some stores there that our regular mall doesn't have, so it's worth the 15 minute drive and 45 minute parking lot fiasco...but only every 6 months or so.  While we were there, everyone got hungry and so we had an overpriced lunch at the food court, which I let the two littler ones share a root beer.  

Funny how I'll complain about the price of eating out, but yet, I have no problem with an occasional Starbucks spurge, especially if it involves a cute date.   

We became victims of the Seminole County School District rezoning project this summer.  Megan's BFF has been rezoned to another school.  We went to the mall and got them "best friend" necklaces from Justice.  They are still on the cheer squad together, but I guess seeing each other 4 days a week during cheer isn't the same as being in school together.  

The end of July means Joshua's birthday!  He turned 11 years old this year, and decided that with all of the other activities going on, that he'd rather just hang out at home and have a friend sleep over.  We enjoyed some Taco Tuesday from Tijuana Flats and plenty of swimming and video game playing.  Megan and I had a cheer meeting to go to for an hour that night, but before we left, we gave Joshua his birthday present....

Yay! A cell phone!  He does not have "smart phone" capabilities, as I didn't see that as a necessity, but I did want to give him a tool to communicate with me and Keith and his friends since we don't have a house line anymore.  He's pretty good at texting and just for fun I'll call him from the grocery store with a silly question like, "what kind of jelly should I get".  Now that school is in session, it's pretty quiet.  

Sometimes I wish that I had taken a LOA from school for the summer.  I feel like I'm here, but not here this summer and as much as I can't stand to see parents absorbed in their own technology around their children, I feel like I've become just that.  

And I may have allowed a little too much kid-technology, too.  Thank goodness for the rechargeable batteries for the Wii remotes.  

Although, with the cheer/football schedule, there really isn't much downtime lately.  

Megan is in the second row here, cheering "Across the Nation". 

We grabbed a late night smoothie after practice. 

Football practice is fun, but it sure is hot out there.  Daniel is really enjoying himself and is very enthusiastic. 

The first week of practice, they had Popsicle Talk in the gym.  It was a pep rally (and Popsicles), and the Pop Warner chaplain gave them all a talk about this year's theme "I am a Champion".  It was very motivating!

And here is a 3-point stance in the middle of my dining room.  At any given moment I stand the serious risk of being tackled by someone.  I think they should give out shoulder pads for moms.  

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