Monday, August 19, 2013

We survived the first week of school!!

It's a lot to juggle team sports and school.  I think towards the end of this week, we started getting into our groove. 

Joshua out on the field during a scrimmage. 

More of Joshua's team.  Beautiful blue skies this week. 

Joshua's team "taking a knee" for a kiddo with a minor injury.  

We got to go meet the teacher a few days before school started.  This allowed us to bring our huge bags of school supplies into all 3 classrooms.  

Daniel is pretty excited that he has Mrs. Akers, who was Joshua's 4th grade teacher last year.  She moved down to 2nd grade, and found herself teaching another Holloway boy.  

Megan just adores her teacher.  Miss Bedrossian is very nice and very much full of energy.  It's going to be a great 4th grade year. 

Joshua's teacher is Mrs. Butler, but she goes by Mrs. B.  She is also very nice and had a creative scavenger hunt for meet the teacher.  Joshua had to write one thing he wanted to get better at this year....

Do better in writing.  Yes, that sounds about right for him. 

We decided to put together a Welcome Back package for the teachers.  I'm sure they were just as busy about their first day of school as the kids were.

We included a small bottle of Smart water, a blueberry muffin flavored Larabar, a package of dark chocolate covered almonds, an EOS lip balm and a ticket for a free carwash.

Before bed, each of the kids wrote something nice in a card, and addressed the front. 

Megan's is up top, Daniel's off to the side, and Joshua's is right in front with the house on it. 

The teachers loved them!  

I managed to forget to take a picture that morning, and ended up getting a hot mess of Megan that afternoon.   

And Daniel, his teacher is hard core, he came right home on the first day of school with homework! And yes, he did wear his Celtics shirt on the first day of school.  

Back out on the field, I had the thought that we'd sure have less of an obesity epidemic if when people were goofing off instead of working, they were made to run the field and do push-ups.  Daniel is in the group doing the push-ups.  

Meanwhile, on the other side of the field...Megan is trying to hold a friend up in a handstand.  

There's Joshua getting ready to participate in a tackling drill.  He's #32. 

So I tried again on the 3rd day of school to get a group picture...

Not quite...



forget it.

This week also met the demise of one of the parts to our pool pump/filter set up.  That's about as technical as I can get with that.  Fortunately, Keith knew exactly what to do, and he spent a couple of days rerouting the piping and make the entire set up more user-friendly.  

It's been a heat index of well over 100 degrees...evidently he got tired and decided to rest in a kiddie chair. 

The finished project! My hero!

All of the extra parts that we don't need anymore. 

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