Sunday, August 4, 2013

Gear Pick Up

A couple of weeks ago, we had gear-issue day for football season.  The boys were so excited!  We were given designated times for each division to pick our items up.  The Junior Pee Wee group was given a time slot in the late morning and the Tiny Mites were given an after lunch slot.  This meant two different trips to pick gear up. 

The coaches all suggested that the kids get comfy in their helmets, pads and cleats.  So we dressed the boys and had them wear their gear around the house for a while...

Reading....of course. 

Daniel pestering his brother. 

Reading Tim Tebow's biography.  

Daniel was thrilled to pick up his gear and decided that he and Joshua need to play out front for a while. 

Showing me their game moves. 

This picture melts my heart.  They are so sweet with each other when they aren't trying to drive each other crazy. 

Various pictures from playing out front...

Needing to pick up practice pants, chin strap and a mouth guard, we visited Good Sports which turned out to be a gold mine of sports equipment.  I'm sure we'll be shopping there quite a bit. After picking up the rest of our gear, it was home to put on the whole get up and practice moving around fully padded. 

Love this picture of Daniel taking a rest in between playing. 

"Help, I've fallen and I can't get up!!"

"Nevermind, I'll just stay here."

More help getting back on his feet. 

At this age, the thought of searching through bedrooms to find football and cheer gear prior to practices and games...we decided to transform one of our closets to a designated football storage area.  It's been working out nicely for the kids to have a place to store their gear, especially for quick grabbing for nearly daily practice while we are in the conditioning phase of practice.  

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