Wednesday, August 28, 2013

1st Home Game of the Season

Balance has been the word of the day this past week.  Clearly it may be this week as well, as it is already Wednesday and I'm just now getting around to last week's update.  With a little over 3 weeks left of my semester, many projects and tests have been taking a big priority, which means that Keith has been working overtime with his stay-at-home-dad duties!!  He's been a champ getting all 3 kids geared up and ready to go to practice multiple nights a week. 

Daddy got to present Daniel with his game jersey after Thursday night's practice.  Daniel has it balanced up against him, that's why he looks like the hulk. 

Megan got the best package ever in the mail this week....a whole box of original Nancy Drew books.  Mmmmm.....they smell amazing, and many of them have personalized notes in them from years gone by.  

I attempted to bring some note cards to study one night at cheer practice, but was distracted by the sheer volume of 31 girls yelling and clapping through cheers.  Wow, they have really found their voice this year, as compared to last year when we kept having to remind them to be louder. 

The girl in the blue shirt and blue shorts is the "flyer" that Megan is a "front spot" for.  So there's Megan standing in front of her while they were practicing stunting in the gym.  This year. the girls will go to competition after football season closes, so they are working on their performance now. 

The first week or so back to school is a prime time for paying out subscriptions to a billion activities. Joshua is joining the ORFF Ensemble, which is an introduction to rhythm instruments.  This is in addition to being a member of the Owl News Network (his school's news program), and Pop Warner Football.  I'm fine with the activities as long as his grades remain a priority. 

Not all football nights are cheer nights, and so Megan finds herself doing some studying at football practice.  

And from this weekend's game...

Lake Brantley Patriots VS Winter Springs Grizzlies

The Tiny Mites take the field. 

Half time snack time. 

Me and my sweaty boy. 

We won!  Everyone put a hand in!

Joshua getting ready to weigh-in before his division plays. 

This year's Junior Pee Wee theme is: 31 girls, one mission.  So this picture is more like: 3 girls, 3 elementary schools, one mission.  They get so excited to see each other in the afternoons.  

Keith signed up to volunteer at the games and was assigned the announcers booth.  He spots the players on the field for the announcer.  He was only signed up for the Tiny Mite games, but ended up assisting for the Tiny Mite, Mitey Mite, and Junior Pee Wee games.  So fun!!

In an attempt to get some shade, I ran to the van and got our umbrella, grabbing a couple of snow cones on the way back to the stadium.  We have a Sports Umbrella coming in the mail this week, to provide some sun protection during the games. 

The Junior Pee Wees take the field!  So cute that Megan gets to cheer for her big brother!!

There's our girl, showing some spirit, kicking her leg up! 

All the girls run to the end zone to cheer on the boys. 

Love this picture!  I swiped it from a friend's Facebook page.  :) 
Our Junior Coaches are LBHS cheerleaders. 

Some pictures from the team Shutterfly site...

Daniel on the field...he's #12, standing in front of the grey #33.

Daniel sitting on his knees. 

Megan in the gym being silly with some of the girls while waiting for professional pictures to be taken. 

It was a great day.  Both boys' teams won their games. 

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