Sunday, May 13, 2012

Warning: serious bragging ahead!

I have to say that when people learn that Keith is the stay-at-home parent and I am the full time worker, we get some funny looks.  Really, I think the situation is pretty darn fantastic, and the kids LOVE having daddy around full time compared to just a few years ago.  Our schedule is hectic, and if we didn't have a stay at home parent coordinating our craziness, we'd really be in trouble.  Truthfully, there's nobody that says that kids need to be involved in this, that and the other, but we enjoy seeking out opportunities to make new friends and most importantly, being involved when there are school events.  

This past week, Keith was up at the school for two different meetings.  On Tuesday, Joshua was tested for the Gifted Program at school.  We needed to have a parent present and even if I didn't have to work that day, I think it's awesome for Joshua to have Keith accompany him to testing.  The school counselor, Joshua's teacher, Keith and Joshua all met together to discuss the merits of the Gifted Program and to move forward with testing Josh.  Apparently, Joshua scored pretty darn high.  

Thursday, Keith returned to FCE for the 2nd Grade Reading Celebration.  The celebration was held as a BYOB (Bring Your Own Blanket) family pic-nic.  We didn't pack Megan a lunch that day, and so she was nearly moved to tears when she saw her awesome Daddy show up with a quilt thrown over his arm and a pic-nic basket full of goodies.  She is such  Daddy's Girl! 

 As you can see, inside the basket was Chic-Fil-A!  Megan came home with samples of her writing...she's so creative and loves to write stories.

 While at the school, Keith got to go inside her classroom and look at what the kids are learning.  Here is an outline of Megan's body and some bones and organs.  I'm very impressed!

 Our Lilly-girl had a large lump on one of her hind legs.  On Friday, Keith took her in to get it looked at.  Our awesome vet did an Incision and Drainage of the wound and sutured it back up.  Friday night, into Saturday morning, Lilly was feeling pretty yucky from the anesthesia.  We stayed home from church and all piled into Keith and I's bed with the dog to read some books together.  It was such a great morning!

Other things that happened this week...
Monday I registered the kids for the Altamonte Springs swim team.  I figured we could handle the once-a-week Friday morning practice and occasional week-night swim-meet.

Wednesday night, we met the Figueroa Family for dinner at Bonefish Grill to celebrate Juan's birthday.  It was early enough to be casual and to be home  before bedtime.  I had never eaten there before.  It was super-yummy.

Backing all the way up to last Sunday...Keith had a guys-day-out with some friends while the kids and I went to Uptown Altamonte for a Fun Fest.  We saw so many awesome things and ran into a few friends there, too.

 The kids got to climb in different police vehicles from local law enforcement departments as well as the Sheriff's department.

 Of course, there were bouncy houses galore!

 We ran into a Storm Trooper (Joshua just corrected me and told me he is a Sand Trooper).  I think Megan's not in this picture because she was talking to an officer friend from our church.   The kids also competed in some games from Radio Disney and climbed a large rock wall.  There were a few tables set up for summer activity registrations for some local day-camps.  I checked them all out and was saddened to see that one of the dance studios that I had considered enrolling Megan in was a little too over-the-top for my comfort zone.  The young girls all were wearing heavy stage make-up and artificial hair pieces.  At the risk of sounding too opinionated, I don't find that pressure to appear unnaturally beautiful to be at all appropriate for this age group, or even any age group.  In the end, I'm glad we choose to go with cheer leading - which I was sure it was just as bad as the dance studio - but after meeting with one of the parents that is heavily involved, I am really impressed with the stress being on sportsmanship and nail polish, make-up, or jewelry allowed.  Megan will start cheer practice in August, and cheer for pop-warner games in the fall.

 Megan and her book she choose to do her book report on.  I think it's an excellent topic, but I can see how I might be a little biased.

 With as much as we are on the go, I really love that by the time I get home from work at night, and even during my days off - all the craziness has already been taken care of, and I can just relax and hang out with the family.  I will say that this week, I've felt more relaxed than I have in months.

At least my math book has a sense of humor.  I get most of my studying done when I'm off work during the day and the kids are at school.  I'll have to work on a different plan for time management in a few weeks when they are out for the summer.