Monday, May 7, 2012

Legoland Florida with 5 Kids Ages 9 and Under - Whew!!

Last fall, I won 8 tickets to Legoland Florida.  It seems as though life has moved in fast forward from that time until now, and now that things are getting back to normal around here, it was time to have some fun.   Pam (my younger sister) and Bruce and their boys - Aidan and Austin were thrilled to join us at the park for a day of fun.

 The kids were amazed at the entrance and all of the fun things that we saw on our way into the park.

 Everything was made out of Legos!  So fun!!  This thing even squirted some water every few minutes.

 All of the kids would run from one little Lego man to the next - and these little men/women talked!

 I couldn't get anyone to go up in the big circle with me.  Not even my fearless Megan, who insisted in riding most of the roller coasters.

 Oh boy...Star Wars Legos!  That's one tall Darth Vader!

 Moving further into the park, we rode the double-decker carousel on Lego horses.  Then we walked over to the Lego displays where various cities were created out of Legos.  The details were amazing!

The Daytona Speedway

People in the stands at the Daytona Speedway

Some of the displays were interactive.  In the picture above, the kids were racing cars. 


The boys loved all the cars!  So fun! 

St. Augustine

Daniel loved the pirates display.  There were so many details to check out.  The cannons were firing, and you could hear the pirates yelling to each other. 

Sword fighting pirates

Megan liked the cat lady with the curlers in her hair!

Washington, D.C.

This is really part of the Vegas area, but the kids were excited because we had just read about the pyramids being built and a story about the Sphinx.

Moving on to some rides...

The kids riding the jousting ride.  There were no lines at most of the rides. 

As usual, Daniel is my riding buddy.

One of my favorite parts about the park was that the rides are so kid-friendly, that I didn't have to ride all of the rides with the kids.  

Joshua and Aidan getting ready to drive through the Lego safari.

Lego Einstein and Joshua

The park is located where the old Cypress Gardens park used to be.  It was too close to the time for the ski show, so we didn't walk through the gardens part of the park. 

Eating lunch...the only bummer of our trip was that there wasn't  convenient indoor /air conditioned  dining. 

Megan and the beautiful Cypress Gardens girl.  I can remember going to Cypress Gardens and seeing all of the beautiful ladies in their hoop dresses walking around. 

Lego Batman and Robin.  The boys were pretending to be fighting with them. 

Megan pretending to dance with Robin.  

How is it that we managed to find the video games.  We hung out in here for just a little while to soak up some cool air. 

Waiting on the steps for the ski show.

The pirates ski was awesome!

How do they manage to ski with these bulky costumes on?  It was awesome to watch. 

Don't let the picture fool  you...Megan was the only one from my crew that went on this ride.  It wasn't a real roller coaster, but it was pretty high off the ground with a few twirls and dips.  

Daniel and the octopus outside our favorite ride.  We loved the yellow submarine ride.  Megan was too short to ride this ride by herself, and we ran out of adults to ride with her, so one of the Legoland employees rode with her (I could see them the whole time).  I thought that was so nice, I could hear them both giggling and squealing when the water was squirting them. 

Loving all the recycled stuff in the park!

Joshua and Aidan driving the boat.  I thought it would be on some sort of track keeping them moving in the right direction, but no...they had full steering control and managed to turn themselves around once.  

Pam was super brave and rode with Megan, letting Megan drive.  They also managed to steer into a wall.  

Bruce and Austin.  

Daniel karate chopping "jaws" for eating his brother. 

Team mates Aidan and Joshua.

Whew..this was a lot of work, but a lot of fun.  Daniel is not the best partner for this game,  but his enthusiasm makes up for his lack of muscle!

 Then the kids got their driver's license pictures taken and a safety briefing before being sent out to drive in the community. 

They are driving following the rules of the road.  Again, there are very few restrictions, but the cars go very slow.  The kids were so excited to be able to "drive for real". 

Pam bought me a new hat.  I love it.

It was such a fun day!!  

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