Sunday, May 6, 2012


 A week ago on Friday night, Megan and Daniel invited me into Megan's room where they were having worship.  They were having a sing-a-long.

They can be best-buds sometimes.

 The next morning, Keith went up to the church to do his thing with the Children's Welcome Center and the kids and I went up to their school for the annual Owlapalooza festival.  This festival raises money for science and technology programs for the school.
 Daniel soaking one of the Kindergarten teachers.  Daniel thought it was so fun!

 Joshua's turn, he did  not soak the teacher.

 After golfing, the kids decided to check out the bouncy houses.  Joshua and Megan raced each other in the obstacle course.

 Daniel as the king of the world!

 There were a bunch of fun carnival games set up.  The kids loved playing them!

 Joshua wasn't feeling his best (he ran away to vomit, which necessitated us leaving to go home).

 Daniel is fiercely competitive.

 Megan was having a blast.  We ran into her teacher there and her teacher praised Megan on how much she's grown academically since the school year began!

 In the shade of the PE court, the Music Teacher had the kids demonstrate some of the folk dancing they have learned this year.  So cute!

 Megan standing there by herself, telling me to come dance with her.  And so, I gave the camera to Joshua to hold and I went to learn the folk dance with Megan.

The songs and dancing were so cute.  I think that rhythmic movement is so important to children throughout their day to center their thoughts, that I love that the music teacher has the children marching and clapping and square dancing...and it's so cute to watch!

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