Saturday, July 18, 2009

Things are lookin' up!

One day last week I left for work like usual. But then when I reached the end of our street, I noticed two hot air balloons up in the sky. Just a few nights before, we had read about hot air balloons for bedtime stories. The kids were so tickled with the story that we stayed up for an extra 20 minutes watching You Tube videos about hot air balloons. So I just knew that when there were real live hot air balloons up over our house, the kids would be so excited to see them. I circled the block and ran back in the house to call the kids to come out.
The Remax balloon got pretty close to us. At one point the kids were waving to the people in the basket and the people were waving to the kids.

The Leslie's pool supply balloon stayed off in the distance.

The kids were very excited. I ended up being just a little late for work, but it was worth it.
On another note, Keith will be doing some temporary work at the Orlando Coast Guard recruiter's office for the next 6 weeks. Which leaves us in a pinch for child care. Grandpa suggested Keith's niece, Ashley was needing a job, so we called her up and offered her the job. She'll be staying in Megan's room for the next 3 weeks. Megan will bunk in Daniel's room, since he has bunk beds in his room. I'm excited to have a 17 year old girl in the house. And even more excited to have the first 3 weeks of childcare taken care of in a way that provides the LEAST disruption to the kids' schedules. Now to figure out those last 3 weeks - anyone else wanna come to Florida to live with us temporarily? :)

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Rachel H. said...

We will come see you for 3 weeks! :) If only!!! How much fun would that be?