Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kennedy Space Center

Joshua turned 7 last week. He wanted so badly to go to the Kennedy Space Center, so we planned a trip for last weekend. KSC is about 90 minutes away from our house.

Fortunately for us, Ashley is still with us helping with the kids. It works out so great for us when we have one adult available for each child. We scored a great deal for park admission - it was just about $100 for all 6 of us! Keith got in free (yippee for places that give free admission to active duty military!), and the park is currently doing a special "buy an adult, inspire a child for free".
We had such a great time on the drive out to KSC. There are so many things to see between our house and the Space Coast.

I uploaded pictures all out of order, so I might ramble a bit describing our day. In the above picture, we were touring some real-sized models of the modules on the space station. Megan was asking why it was squishy on the outside. I didn't really have an answer, so I suggested that maybe in case anything hits it, it can stay safe. Little did I know she was going to punch the side of the model to test out that theory. It's even funnier that I caught her doing it in the picture, since I had just asked her to stand by the space station for a picture.

There were so many awesome things in the gift shop. Daniel wanted a "NASA-naut" suit, but I just couldn't justify that purchase. I told him that he can have one if he gets a job at NASA. :)

I have not been to KSC in at least 20 years. I was pleasantly surprised to see that most of the center was indoors and air conditioned. We're still adjusting to summertime in Florida vs. summertime in Alaska!

Daniel was so adorable...he kept asking if we were getting on a space ship and going to the moon.
We took the bus tour out to where the shuttle lifts off from. Joshua was stoked to see the press stands and the "official" count-down clock. There we climbed lots of stairs to see an amazing view of the surrounding grounds.

On the bus trip out to the rocket launch site, Daniel caught a quick nap.

On the bus tour, we learned about all the people behind-the-scenes that help keep the astronauts safe.

My little rovers crawling all over a Mars rover.

Joshua really enjoyed all of the presentations. At the rocket launch pad, there was a simulation of one of the Apollo missions lifting off. Joshua loved it! He cheered and clapped when the rocket lifted off.

One of the things I really liked about KSC is that it was NOT crowded. Last summer when Keith and I went to some of the Disney parks it was so hot and crowded, we couldn't imagine putting the kids through that. At KSC there was very little waiting around, and the kids got to climb through different things at each location.

Even my little Astronaut-Megan enjoyed herself.

The kids running down the ramp pretending to board the space shuttle.

Megan and me outside at the Rocket Garden. This was taken about 2 minutes before a huge downpour came out of nowhere and soaked all of us!

Hey, look! More Coast Guard stuff!

Snoopy was the only cartoon character we saw all day!

There is an awesome children's play area at KSC. Even Daniel took off his shoes and ran in to play. Megan makes friends everywhere we go. She managed to find a couple of little girls to play with.

Hmmm....one of my astronauts seems to be having some trouble seeing over his flight suit!!

That's better, thanks to some behind-the-scenes work from Daddy! Now everyone is ready to work!

The five of us! It was a great family day.

Keith with another Coast Guard poster! He's so funny.

I think my sweetheart might be having a little "aircraft envy".

Daniel's new hat "Failure is not an option".

It was such a great time! We ended up hitting Ron Jon's Surf Shop since we were over on that side of the state. I hung out in the car with some of the tired kids while Keith and Ashley shopped. After a long ride home, we finally got everyone in bed TWO HOURS past bedtime! They were so exhausted, but it was so worth it!


Anonymous said...

What great pics - I love the family one the best! Happy Birthday Joshua!

Melissa said...

Wow what an awesome day! There is so much to do in FL, you guys are always up to something. Okay so here's a question for you. We are going to be in Disney for 5 days, SeaWorld 1 day then driving down to the Lake Worth area to see my grandparents for 5 days then back up to Orlando to fly home. Now here's the question! Where is KSC? Is it somewhere in tht area? I would love to take the kids there. Give your boy a Kodiak Happy Birthday!