Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dinner with the Broadway family

My friend, Amber, and her family are visiting Orlando this week. We decided to meet up at a Bennigan's close to their hotel. The kids and I hit some traffic on the way out there and arrived a couple of minutes late.

With a table full of 2 six-year-olds, 1 five-year-old, and 2 three-year-olds, we attracted over the balloon sculpting guy. I totally loved how Amber's littlest, Logan, wanted a balloon creation of one of their dogs at home, but then Logan was all upset because the balloon sculptor did not make the balloon look exactly like their real dog.

Joshua and Chase could easily be best buds. The talked Legos and PBS kids shows, and all sorts of important six-year-old boy business. They both have seriously long eyelashes, too.

Amber and Daniel. Amber won Daniel over when she gave him a piece of breaded zucchini.

Megan was thrilled to have her gigantic balloon flower. I asked her if it smelled good and she responded very matter-of-fact with "umm, Mom, it smells like a balloon".

I was trying to get a picture of how sad Chase looked. Joshua gave his balloon to Chase when Chase's balloon got broken. Chase was teary and hugged Joshua and called him a "nice boy". It was too sweet.
Dinner was great. All the kids behaved very well. Especially considering Amber's kids had been in the car all day driving from Louisiana. Seriously, her boys are troopers!!

It was so fun to chat a mile-a-minute, eat good food, let the kids play and just enjoy each other's company! I wish they lived closer to us so we could do this more often!


Anonymous said...

Two of my favorite ladies - so jealous!!

Elizabeth said...

Woo hoo! Special ladies ... special memories. :)

Just a Girl in a Port said...

Awww, lucky gals!

Rachel H. said...

HOW EXCITING! I absoluly LOVE getting together with friends! And Bennegins...YUM! :)

Amber said...

Though it felt like we drove from Mars, we had only driven from Alabama. It was so wonderful. Chase and Joshua could clearly be best buds. I need to make sure I have your mailing address.

It was so wonderful to see your smiling face and beautiful children, Mary. Love you!