Monday, April 20, 2009

Beach Day!!

On Sunday, the kids and I drove over to Daytona to visit with Nana and Bill. Bill starts his oral and his IV chemotherapy today (Monday), and Mom needed some help getting the dozen or so medications organized. The kids were great while I sorted through pills added the "short name" (trade name) to the pill bottles. Mom was squeamish about taking the dressing off of Bill's port-a-cath, so I took care of that while I was over there. Then it was time to tuck Bill in for an afternoon rest and take the kids to the beach.

It was another beautiful day! It was warm, but not uncomfortable. There was a nice breeze and we saw a few people flying kites.

Joshua is so brave, he runs straight for the water. He said his stick was his harpoon and he was fishing.

I think Daniel had gotten some sand on his hands and was making a face about that. He doesn't like to feel all sandy. He's happy to play, but prefers to stay clean.

Megan is happy to dig, dig, dig. Joshua was working beside her using the shovels to make the Great Wall of China. I love that the kids stay busy just being creative.


Fox Family said...

Aww, such a great day. I love that beach. And I love it too, when the kids are happy just digging or pretending... Glad you had a good day :)

Anonymous said...

They look so happy! And I love Megan's suit.

Dayfamilyof4 said...

Ah, the warm weather! It looks like so much fun at the beach, I'm glad you guys enjoyed it. I'm currently enjoying the smell of banana carrot muffins in the oven. They are going to make a wonderful snack this afternoon, thanks to the sweet lady who shared her recipe. :D