Monday, April 6, 2009

Chuck E Cheese with the cousins

Tonight my little sister, Pamela drove over from the coast to visit. She brought along her long-time boyfriend, Bruce and their two great kiddos - Aidan (I think he's around 5) and Austin (he's 3). Pam and her posse came to the house to check out where we live and then we all went down the street to Chuck E. Cheese. Much to our surprise, Chuck E. Cheese came out to say hello to all of us.

Austin, Joshua, Megan and Daniel all playing video games.

Daniel wolfing down pineapple topped pizza in his Batman underoos shirt. I have to laugh - pizza, undershirts and video games - this is really a glimpse of my finest parenting! :)

Megan, Aidan and Joshua chilling out by the mechanical Chuck E. Cheese. Joshua and Aidan are great play-mates. We can't wait to have the boys over to swim this summer.

I knew we had to get at least one good picture for mom - so here we are!


Mrs. Darling said...

I think thats the first close up Ive seen of you! Hello nice to meet you! :)

I love doing things with sisters. Theres just something different about it than times with other friends!

Anonymous said...

Eh, kids need to be kids sometimes - complete with junk food and video games :) And that's a great photo of you guys!

Dayfamilyof4 said...

That's why we give them the good stuff 95% of the time.... that way when they do have junk, it's not the "norm" :)