Sunday, April 5, 2009

Taking my dramatic darling to the theatre

(Forgive the grainy picture, the lights were low about to start the second act.)

I took Megan to see the Lake Brantley Players presenting the Broadway version of Annie. It was a fantastic production. I had not been back on campus at Lake Brantley since graduation. It was fun to be back in the same auditorium that I had sat through endless high school assemblies 15 years ago.

The production was wonderful. We were in row E, so 5 rows from the stage. I was a little nervous thinking the orchestra would be a little too loud for Megan, but she loved it.

The play got over way past Megan's bedtime. I certainly paid for that today, as she was a bit on the grumpy and weepy side all day today. But it is worth breaking out of our regular routine every once in a while to have a little Girls' Night Out.

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Pam Miller said...

I saw it on Broadway when I was about Megan's age and was hooked. I was in a production in high school - I played Grace Farrell even though I really wanted to be Miss Hannigan. Please tell Megan if she feels the need to hear some Annie I would be more than happy to sing the entire score for her. Can you tell I am excited?