Monday, July 16, 2012

We love our busy weekends!

We had an awesomely busy weekend.

Good food, great friends, fun was absolutely wonderful.

Our front lawn is thrilled with the amount of rain we've been getting lately.  However, the pool girl (me) is working overtime on keeping the pool clean and well balanced.  It's a pain to take care of, but oh man, it is so worth having a back yard swimming pool.  

Saturday Keith volunteered in the Children's Welcome Center at church, and I met up with some friends to sit in the sanctuary while the kids were in Sabbath School.  To be honest, we've both been struggling a bit with the change in pastor at the church, and I think I've mentioned before that I'm sure it's nothing personal, just a different way of communicating.  I know that so much of my issue is that I got used to a softer, more compassionate speaker and now we have a very passionate and very loud pastor.  His services are well-written, but somehow there's something in the delivery that seems to hit a nerve with me.  This week a different person spoke and I really enjoyed the service. 

After church, we had Shandra and Juan and the boys over for lunch and swimming before the rain came.  It was a really nice time and all the kids played so well together. 

Sunday afternoon, my sister, Pam and her family came over for lunch and swimming.  Again, we got rained on.  I actually stood at the grill with an umbrella finishing cooking lunch! 

Evidently, Bruce was a little excited about the food!

Today, one of Joshua's friends came over and spent most of the afternoon with us.  I hope they are in the same classroom again next year, but we won't know that for another couple of weeks. 

Joshua is getting excited about his upcoming birthday.  It's hard to believe that he's going to be in the double digits.  Wow...seems like just yesterday that he was a big chubby cheeked baby.

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