Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sunshine all week long!

Hot, hot, hot...that is how our weather has been this last 10 days or so.  The sunshine feels great (in small doses).  

 Graduate school is progressing well.  It's very time consuming, and I feel like I always have a book in my hand, or am listening to a podcast on my phone.  It's a few weeks into the semester and now my nice neat organized study area looks like a paper factory exploded all over the floor.  

Megan had another skin tag become infected.  After some further questioning, it was revealed that wiggles her skin tags when trying to fall asleep.  We spent even more time up at the peds office this week. 

We like the soccer room because of the cool chair. 

Her arm is looking better now and we are hoping to get in with a pediatric dermatologist in the next couple of weeks to look at her arm and her spot on her spine. 

The kids got the official team swimsuits this week at swim team practice.  Daniel got a swimsuit, even though he doesn't swim with the team. 

He's quite the swimmer, just not ready for the team. 

Keith talked me into going to the Golden Corral for dinner one night last week.  I had never been there, and the experience of having so many options for dinner was fun. 

The chocolate fountain was a big hit. 

Daniel's fondue strawberry. 

We've been spending time in the pool a few times a day.  Even Lilly got in on the action this week.  She's not a very strong swimmer, so we have to hold her when she's in the pool. 

Joshua's Statue of Liberty impression. 

With the first day of school being right around the corner, I realized we've all done great with reading, but writing is something we haven't really been emphasizing.  I pulled out some old magazines and the kids cut out some heads, bodies and props and made people collages.  Then they wrote stories about who their main character is and what is he/she doing. 

Cheer season has started and Megan is ready to go!  She's cheering for the Pop Warner team of Lake Brantley Patriots.  I hope it ends up being a good experience for her. She is super-excited about it!

Early this morning, Keith and the kids and I went to the park to drive remote control cars. 

It was a lot of fun. 

I've taken a little break from studying to work on getting things ready for Joshua's upcoming birthday party....

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