Monday, July 16, 2012


A couple of weeks ago we met up with our friends and went for pizza and jumping.  We really liked the pizza at Flippers and it's pretty kid-friendly, so it works great for a crowd such as ours. 

After eating, we sat around for a while and chatted then drove over to Rebounderz so the kids could play.

 Here they are getting the safety briefing.  

About 10 minutes into jumping, they were ready for a break.  

So fun...the lights go out every hour or so and everything glows.  Notice that we ladies moved over close to the kids since the overhead announcer said the lights were going to go out, we didn't want any freak-outs.  All the kids handled it well and enjoyed seeing everything glow in the blacklights. 

Because everyone worked off their pizza, we stopped for some gelato (for the grown ups) and ice cream (for the kids).  Yum!

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