Friday, September 30, 2011

We've got spirit, yes we do, we've got 'bout you?

Today is Lake Brantley High School's Homecoming Day! Daniel was sent home with a notice earlier in the week informing us parents that the kids would be lining the street for the parade and that the teachers would be working the afternoon curriculum around the things the kids would see in the parade. For example, Daniel told me he was going to be looking to see if the picallo is an instrument in the school band.

The kids were decked out in their Red, White and Blue (LBHS colors) for Spirit Day today.

I made Daniel a little shirt with a football player on it that says: LBHS class of 2024. Can you believe it? He said everyone loved his shirt today.

The parade started with a wonderful representation of all the branches.

The band was awesome. They played lots of great marching tunes.

The parade route circled around the carpool pickup lanes of the elementary school, where the sides of the road were lined with kids. The band stopped and performed for the kids, as well as the cheerleaders.

The high school kids were so creative in their parade planning. This year's homecoming theme is a Carnival. The entertainment during the parade was so fun! The boys loved the Blue Man Group float.

The football players got a good-luck high-five from nearly every student! It was so cute. The cheerleaders gave out plenty of high-fives, too.

The Sunshine Club kids gave out candy to the kids. All the kids came home with one or two pieces and were excited.

I really liked the Sunshine shirts.

This was the shot I got on the way out the door this morning.

We considered actually going to the football game, but it was pretty late for us to be going out on a Friday night.

Overall, it was really fun to watch the parade. Brings back lots of fun memories of me being in that exact same parade! It was neat to talk to the other parents that were there for the parade.

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