Saturday, September 24, 2011

Joshua's Interest Inventory - 3rd Grade

As an ice-breaking activity, Joshua's teacher asked the kids to complete an interest inventory. Below are the prompts and Joshua's answers...

1. My favorite foods are - subs.
2. My favorite eating places are - Publix and subway.
3. My favorite snacks are - apples.
4. My favorite TV shows are - Fetch with Ruff Ruffman.
5. My favorite TV characters are - Jay, Marco, and Willie (mom note: contestants on#4).
6. My favorite movies are - Star Wars.
7. My favorite actors are - Luke, Solo.
8. My favorite actresses are - Padma.
9. The best book I ever read is - Calvin and Hobbes, and the Hardy Boys.
10. My favorite music group is - Loree Berkaner (Laurie Berkner)
11. My favorite song is - Jumpin' in my Soup.
12. My favorite sport is - soccer.
13. My favorite school subject is - math.
14. I know I am very good at - bugging my sister.
15. When I am alone, I like to - be lazy.
16. My favorite thing to do with my friends is - play tag.
17. My least favorite thing to do is - lose.
18. My favorite thing on a Saturday or Sunday is - to be lazy.
19. The thing I fear most is - my mom.
20. If I had a million dollars, I would - be lazy.

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Rachel Holloway said...

haha--the thing I feel most scared of is my mom! THAT is hilarious!