Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Adventurers Induction

Fortunately, the kids get out of school one hour earlier on Wednesdays. We try to use this time to catch up on any school projects and spent extra time on the weekly spelling lists. Today, we worked on Megan's science project. She had to follow a recipe to make clay and then sculpt an animal. She will bring it to class on Friday and discuss the animal with the class.

Megan and Daddy worked on the clay recipe, which ended up becoming clay - but a super messy version of it. In the end I grabbed some crayola clay that we had sitting around the house and had her use that for her sculpture.

Joshua worked on his multiplication and his spelling words.

Today was Adventurers Induction. The goal was to be there at 5:45 to do a rehearsal before the ceremony at 6:30. Unfortunately, we didn't even make it out of the house until just before 6pm. It was a tough decision, but really homework has to come first. We made it on time for the ceremony, and it was very nice.

Daniel is an Eager Beaver this year, and I help lead in his division. It's like trying to herd wild cats - these kids have so much energy and so little impulse control! They are fun and sweet.

Megan was ready to get things moving.

Joshua and his friends.

Joshua passing along the candle during the ceremony.

It was a great night.

Megan's science project - she made a dog.

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