Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pirate's Dinner Adventure

During Nana and Bill's visit, we all went to dinner at the Pirate's Dinner Adventure Theater. The kids dressed up for the occaision. I told Megan that the pirates were mean and were going to steal the gold off of her Jasmine outfit. :) She was then on the look-out for pirates for the rest of the evening. The boys waited ever-so-patiently while we had to hang outside waiting for the auditorium to open. Daniel was GLUED to the show! He didn't even eat his dinner because he couldn't take his eyes off of the performance.
The performance is done on a boat in the middle of the auditorium. The pirates swing around on the ropes and come out into the audience. The kids were awe-struck the entire time!

Keith and the big kids.

Me and Daniel. It was really dark inside during one part of the performance. And then a (fake) gunshot rang out and he got very scared. Right about now he's saying, "I think we should leave.".

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Fox Family said...

That is the coolest thing EVER! I can't wait to be able to take the girls to a dinner theater! You guys are awesome parents! :)