Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chuck E Cheese

We recently went to Chuck E Cheese with Nana and Bill. We had a great time!!
Whoa there, little dude - you need to roll the ball, not throw it! Clearly the Chuck E Cheese people did not give much thought to the consequences of lining up the Bozo ball-toss, basketball and then skiball. Daniel got into the pattern of toss the ball, toss the ball and toss the ball. Oops! I showed him how to roll the balls with this game.

Keith and Bill trying to beat my basketball score. At 5 ft 3 inches tall, I am the basketball champion in our house!! Try as he might, Keith was unable to beat my score.

Joshua and Megan playing the Bozo ball toss game. (I miss the Bozo the Clown show!)

Megan LOVED the whack-a-shark game. I have to admit, it's a good stress buster. I might stop into Chuck E Cheese a few nights this week after work to whack at a shark or two!

Daniel playing air hockey wtih Daddy.

Bill and Daniel back at the Bozo ball toss game.

Keith's newest ID. Now that he's no longer Active Duty in the Coast Guard, he's a Hollywood Star (you can be too, for 1 token at your local Chuck E Cheese - a whole lot easier than 8 weeks of bootcamp, but not the same personal satisfaction of having served your country).


Rachel H. said...

Love Keith's new i.d.! :)

Chuck E Cheese is always good for an afternoon of fun. :)

Anonymous said...

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