Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Science and Summer Chores

Keith and the kids have been viewing you-tube videos of different acrobatics, juggling acts and science experiments. They learned some number tricks and then tried them out on me when I got home. It was great fun for them to trick me!

We had a chance to talk briefly about animal habitats. Our pool had some tadpoles growing in it last week. Keith scooped them up for the kids to take a closer look. Unfortunately, when I loaded the pool full of chlorine, I killed off the tadpoles, so the ones that Keith fished out did not survive for long.

Our next door neighbor had a family of raccoons that were living up in his eaves. Animal control came out to board up the entry point of the raccoon home and to set out a trap to catch the pesky raccoons. Seems like this guy is wandering around looking for a place to live. Megan will have a unit on animal habitats in the fall as part of her homeschooling curriculum.

I put Joshua to work cleaning the tables and chairs on the back porch. He used a safe cleaner and scrubbed away! He isn't crazy about cleaning his room, but once I give him any other chore, he completes it with gusto!

Megan told me she was bored and wanted a job, too. I gave her the dreadful job of sorting all the socks. I'm pretty sure she'll never ever tell me that she's bored ever again!!

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Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

That looks just like our sock basket! :)