Sunday, June 21, 2009

Family Date Night

Last weekend, we had Family Date Night at the Orlando Science Center and then Steak and Shake. The OSC was showing laser shows in the Cinedome. The kids were rocking to songs like "In the Jungle" and "Yellow Submarine" during laser show. All the kids really enjoyed it. I think this is the first time Daniel has stayed awake during an entire show in the Cinedome - usually he falls asleep as soon as the lights dim.

In the waiting area at the Cinedome, there were jellyfish hanging from the ceiling to promote the new underwater movie coming next month.
After the movie, it was nearly 7:30pm and we hadn't eaten dinner yet, so we zipped up to Steak and Shake, where kids eat free on the weekends - whoo hoo!!

The kids had a blast! We even ate dessert - ice cream for those than can have it, and cookies for those of us that can't. Everyone left happy.

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