Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lots of growth around here!

Our backyard has the potential to be beautiful. However, it's a bit overgrown right now. Keith has been on a demolition kick with pulling up overgrown shrubbery and hacking down half-dead trees. Keith has been working really hard on the yard, I need to get out there and take some "before" pictures.
The fence on the side of the house has a tree or two growing through it. We'll plan on pulling out this fence and putting in a wooden fence. I'm not so sure why Keith had a camera up on the ladder with him. But I do know that he must have been up pretty high in the tree, since that's the top of my neighbor's house in the background.
The other area of growth this week has been sweet Megan. It seems to have become Megan's birthday month. Her Sabbath School class sang Happy Birthday to her this weekend and she was just thrilled!

She loves her teachers.


Rachel H. said...

I can't wait to see your yard, revamped! I bet it will be great!

And birthday months are the best! I am glad Megan is having her time to shine!

Anonymous said...

I love her dress!

Dayfamilyof4 said...

What a sweet little lady!