Sunday, March 15, 2009

A race and a rocket

Today was the annual 5K race for Christian Education at FLEC. Before the 5K was a 1 lap around the track fun run for the smaller kids. Megan ran it and came in 22nd place. At first she wasn't so sure she wanted to run, but once she got started, there was no stopping her. She was yelling and running at the same time. A friend of mine that was running the field along side the kids was laughing and telling me that Megan was cheering on her friends while she was running. She's got such a great heart.
Megan and her friend Samuel.

Megan and Carlie.

Cheering on the 5K runners.

Daniel wishing he was bigger. He wanted to run the race. Megan's teacher gave him a medal just for showing up. Joshua did not run the race because he his allergies have really been bothering him. He got a medal because he has run the track a few times already this week.

Daniel was so excited because we parked by the construction trucks. He wanted to go look around at them, but I didn't think it was such a good idea. He named them will all the Bob the Builder names (Scoop, Muck, and I can't remember any of the other names).

Between parking in the dirt parking lot and all the pollen all over the minivan, I decided to get a car wash when I filled her up today. I usually just wash my own car, but these days the time it would take me to haul everything out, wash the minivan (with my helpers) and put everything away - I'll gladly pay $5 and run the minivan through the machine. Especially when it provides this much entertainment. It was so funny watching Daniel trying to touch the water through the van window.
We went shopping for goodie bag stuff for Megan's upcoming birthday. The trend in her classroom is to transform the classroom into a birthday party. I talked with her wonderful teacher today about bringing in a healthy snack for after outside time. It's been so hot that I'm sure the kids would love some watermelon or strawberries or grapes when they come in from playtime. As far as Megan's actual birthday party, we've decided not to have a party this year. She'll give out goodie bags at school, provide the snack for that day, and we purchased a book to donate to the classroom library. We also picked up some fun educational place mats for our table at home. I bought the game Perfection and was intending to give it to her for her birthday, but she saw it on the counter and wanted to play it. She loves it. Joshua is really good at it, too.
Just when the kids were ready for bed, I looked out the front window just in time to see the Shuttle going up over our neighbor's house. I grabbed the kids and we all ran outside just in time to see the boosters being released from the Shuttle.


Anonymous said...

What awesome photos - I love reading about you guys :)

Rachel H. said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I haven't heard from you forever!!! I hope things are going well!

What cute pictures of your little race. How fun!!

And a birthday coming up?! ALREADY? I can't believe it!! I totally remember the last one!! I like your simple party plan. We have never had anything more than a family 0party for our kids. We might make an exception this year...but we will see! :)

Dayfamilyof4 said...

What fun! Great job to Megan on the race! and to the boys for being great support :) So do you miss the cold? We've had Kodiak rain for the last 4 days & I can tell you.... I do NOT miss it. I do miss certain people... most of which left too :)

Wild Banks' said...

What a busy bunch!
Great Job Megan and Happy Birthday!

Melissa said...

I haven't checked in with you guys in a while. You look so busy. I love Megans hair. She is such a cute little gal. Naomi is in pre-school with Ava now. Ava is such a sweet little girl too! Anyway glad to see you guys are busy. Say Hi to Beth for me when/if you see her I miss her already.

Anonymous said...