Sunday, May 5, 2013

What a beautiful day!!!

Today's weather was perfect!!  
Keith decided to do some yard work, while I took the kids to the Farmer's Market for some veggies.  

They had to investigate the lily pads, and while doing so, a little boy about 10 feet away from us fell into the lake.  He ended up being just fine, just very wet and very cold.  

Megan and Daniel checking out the ducks.  

There is a white duck hiding in the brush.  I asked the kids what the duck was doing in there and Daniel's response was "waiting for someone to get hurt...AFLACK!".  Oh boy, he's such a clown!!

We saw quite a few turtles and ducks.  And then we bought fruit, veggies and a big bag of kettlecorn.  Yummy!!!


Stacie said...

The weather has been gorgeous, hasn't it?! We've been taking advantage as well. So glad everyone is feeling better!

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