Sunday, May 5, 2013

Rain, rain, go away!

I'd forgotten what life is like when it's raining for days on end.  For us in Kodiak, that was just normal Springtime weather, but here in Florida, I've gotten spoiled and enjoy my sunshine.  Add into the rain, one child not feeling well, and then me not feeling well, then Keith not feeling well - on top of an already busy week, and we've got pure chaos. 

Towards the end of last week, Keith's starter on his truck decided to stop working.  After weighing the risks/benefits of fixing the starter himself, he decided it was best to go ahead and have it towed to our trusty mechanic.  Monday morning, I ran out the door for  Day #1 of ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) and Keith used Grandpa's van to take the kids to school.  When he came home, the tow truck arrived shortly after.  Our wonderful neighbor took Keith to pick up the truck while I was still in class.  Then Keith took the kids to gymnastics, during which he started to feel sick.  He texted me to ask how much longer class was going to be, and when I finally answered him (nearly an hour later), we were all on our way back home.  Daniel earned his Brown Ribbon at gymnastics this week!  Yay, Daniel!!

Tuesday morning, I considered taking the kids to school for Keith, but that would have put me late for Day #2 of ACLS, so poor Keith had to drag himself out of bed and take the kids to school.  He got to sleep all day after that and I was home to pick the kids up from school.  

My deadline for updating my ACLS card was coming up fast and with some new changes since the last time I took the class, I knew I'd need the 2 day class.  Day #1 was long, but fun.  We were broken down into small groups and the instructor was funny and really easy to listen to.  I was paired up with another class participant and it turns out she's a nurse practitioner that graduated from the same university I'm attending.  It was really cool to talk with her.  Day #2 of ACLS wasn't as fun as the first one, since we had to do our skill check-off and the fun guy was off at his other job, so we had Mr. Hardcore Paramedic doing our "megacode" check off.  I didn't really have a problem with getting through that part, but there were a couple of people that really struggled with his teaching style.  We all took a minute to decompress and then went to take our 50 question test, were given our updated cards, and were free to go.  I was so glad we got out early, because this wasn't a great week for me to spend a couple of nights reviewing for ACLS, when I have so much studying to do for my classes.  As soon as I got home from ACLS, I gathered all my stuff to study...and promptly fell asleep on the couch. 


I was nice and warm so the animals decided to join me. 

Wednesday night, Megan and I studied multiplication flash cards for an hour, as all of a sudden, with just a few weeks to go before school gets out, learning multiplication has taken a huge priority.  Hmmm....if there hadn't been so much pressure about the FCAT last month, perhaps that time could have been used for multiplication.  We'll see what kinds of changes are in store for next year, since the FCAT is going away and the school will be using more of the Common Core Standards approach to education.  

Thursday night it was back to work for me, and I was still feeling exhausted.  I had some soup before I left the house, made a nice big container of hot tea with honey, and made a fresh orange/carrot/ginger juice to have with my sandwich for lunch at work.  I made it through the night, came home and slept until I just barely had enough time to get to work the next night. 

Megan's book report on Ruby Holler was so cute!  She did such a good job and earned an "A" on the project and her presentation of her book.  

So far, this weekend it's been raining, raining, raining.  We did get a little break in the rain earlier tonight, and I ran outside to work on the pool.  Last weekend (this picture is from last Sunday evening), we were swimming and having all sorts of fun (well, the kids were, I was studying).  This weekend, the pool nearly overflowed!

I snapped this picture of Megan earlier this week.  We were heading to Target to get some t-shirts for Daniel's class project.  I was talking to Megan about just general chit-chat, and she reaches over to get her book out and says "so we're done talking now, right?  'cuz I want to finish this book".  I guess I can't get mad at that! 

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