Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Pro Team Might Not Have Made it to the Superbowl...But The Mitey Might Pop Warner Team Did!!

Really, I'm still catching up on pictures from LAST SUMMER! Okay, maybe more like last early fall.  I have  hundreds of pictures from cheer season, and so I've been slowly going through them to keep our favorites.  The newest revelations with this cheer thing:

1.  Megan needs to learn to tumble.  Most of the girls can do cart-wheels, and despite my stellar display of my own cart-wheeling skillz, she's still unable to swing her legs up over her head.  Suffice to say, she is now enrolled in gymnastics weekly and will begin that next week.  As will the boys, much to Joshua's chagrin, since I think they'll both like their own "boy" class.  Daniel is stoked about learning some new sweet ninja moves.  I told Joshua he needs to give me 2 months of gymnastics and if he doesn't like it, we can drop it.  Before anyone gets up in arms thinking I'm forcing the boy to train like an Olympian against his own will...he originally wanted to take the class, then decided he didn't, and then decided he did and so that's when I paid for it, and then he decided he didn't.  His options were to pay me back for the deposit, or to take the chance that he may just end up enjoying himself.  

2.  BOTH of the boys want to try-out for football for the 2013 fall season.  *Sigh*, while I worry about injuries, I have to think back over the last season and how super-safe the coaches are with these kids.  I know they'll be fine.  I just know that I'll be taking 3 classes during football season, and will plan to study in solitude out on the end of the practice field.  

 The boys and I sitting in the stands at LBHS enjoying a home game.

 Daddy and the boys...we were glad this game was an early one, because the clouds were moving in!!

 We like the home games best because of the comfortable bleachers.  We also know where all the good breakfast stops are between our house and the school for those off days when we forget to make coffee before heading out the door.

We went to an away game out at Colonial High School and since I work night shift, I can't ever seem to sleep when I'm supposed to be sleeping.  I needed coffee BAD and asked Keith to drive up the road to the little store at the end of the street and get some coffee.  Of course Keith's like, "I didn't see a store at the end of the street".  Me: "There's a store there, trust me.  There's a huge David Hasselhoff right outside the store.  Coffee, please!".   The game got real intense (for Pop Warner football) and I never did get my coffee.

And as we were leaving the game and drove down that street, past that store, to the stoplight.  I turn to my loving husband and ask him if he saw the store.  He said there was no store.  Then I showed him this...

 That's right....the Hoff.  On a light pole, outside of the tiny little store that sells coffee.  Hmmph.

 I feel asleep on the car ride home and was woken up by Keith singing "Call Me, Maybe".  Oh dear.

 Joshua and I at another home game.  Enjoying the sunshine and football snacks.

 Sweet Megan after a long, hot game.

In October, Pop Warner turned pink for Breast Cancer awareness.  The girls were given cute knee socks and pink hair bows.  The picture above is from an away game 40 minutes from our house.  

 The girls are huddling up to decide how to proceed with Homecoming.  For Pop Warner Homecoming, each girl (girl's mother, let's be honest) makes a poster for an assigned football player.  Then for Homecoming, the posters line the field and at the end of the game, the cheerleader presents her football player with his poster and the football player presents his cheerleader with a sash.

Unfortunately for Megan, her football player dropped out of the program before Homecoming, so while she had a lovely poster to give him, he was no longer playing and did not come to the game to receive his poster or give her a sash.  Fortunately, the coaches were already prepared for this and had her sash ready for her and so she didn't feel too left out.

But clearly, here, she was done.  She was hot and unhappy and just done.

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