Sunday, January 27, 2013

More from Cheer Season 2012

He looks real sick, right?  Or maybe it's my amazing cure-all of freshly juiced oranges and goldfish crackers. Daniel managed to stay home from school sick one morning just a few weeks into the school year.  Truth be told, he gets sick FAST and bounces back even FASTER.  

 Not to be out-done by Pepper (the cat), Lily (the dog) wiggles her way into a comfy spot on the couch to hunker down with whoever is staying home sick.

And now back to cheerleading:

 Megan on the front row!

 Uh oh, "taking a knee", must be someone hurt on the field.

 The girls way over in the end zone, cheering on the boys as they get ready to kick for extra points.

 More from Homecoming.  We stressed with Megan that it's all for fun.  Even if she didn't get a player from her school.  One of the players is a good friend of Joshua's and she was hoping to get him, but didn't.

 There she is with her #72 poster.

 And her new sash.  Seconds before the tears fell because all the girls were taking pictures with their football players.  She got over it pretty quick and then we learned that the little boy had to drop out because he was in the hospital.  She was excited to think maybe he'll hang his new poster in his hospital room.

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