Sunday, July 10, 2011

Brown's Gym

Last week, Megan and Joshua tried out their "free class" at the gym down the street from our house. Megan wanted to check out a gymnastics class. Forgive the poor-quality pictures - they were taken through the observation glass.The coach has the girls work out with some sit ups as they warm up. Megan is in the middle wearing pink (of course).

There she goes! She is hopping down the long trampoline.

A view of the whole gym. Once Daniel saw the gym, he wanted to sign up for gymnastics, too. So we'll have to see what they have for his age. He might try a 30 min karate class that then becomes a 30 min gymnastics class.

Joshua tried out an indoor soccer class for kids ages 5-8. Unfortunately, there were mostly 5 and 6 year olds in the class, and so it just wasn't a good fit for him.
Megan all smiles, and loving her time in the gym.

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