Thursday, June 2, 2011

Daytona Museum of Arts and Science

On Tuesday, the kids and I picked up Nana and took her to the Museum of Arts and Science in Daytona Beach. Our science museum passes got us in free! The museum had a big open-house a few weeks ago to reintroduce the giant sloth.

There were a lot of really cool things inside the museum. Statues and doll houses and tapestries and teddy bears and coca-cola memorabilia. There were also pictures from old Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey circuses, and old indy race cars and an old pharmacy set up in the museum. Most of what we saw was in a "no photography" area. We did get to go outside and see two private train-cars that are now part of the museum.

The kids took off pretending to be at the train station.

Getting ready to board the train.

Waving out the back!
The boys were ready to go back inside, but Megan was really into looking through every window.

Once back inside, we came across the Pirate Room.

Daniel trying to "aim" the cannon to fire.

Joshua's the pirate.

Such a ham! Joshua's pretending to be attacked by the shark, on the way to the Children's Wing.

In the Children's Wing, Megan pretended to be a radio DJ.

Nana and Joshua made tennis birdies fly.

The kids all made pretend pizzas.

Oops! Good thing it's not real. Somebody was high-sticking and lost the pizza off the end of the pizza peel.
Megan playing the electric harp.

Joshua riding the bike to create energy.

Daniel raising the Jolly Roger flag on the pirate ship, singing "yo ho, yo ho, a pirates life for me".

These chairs were awesome. You were supposed to pull the rope, it pulls the chair up and you raise up into the air. Megan needed help pulling hers up.

Joshua pulled his up and then let go of the rope to fly back down.

Daniel couldn't pull on the rope hard enough to raise his seat when he was seated in it. So he got off and pulled the rope to move the chair...genius!

Taking a ride on a Harley.

It was a great time. Lots of fantastic things to see! It was great to spend time with Nana, too.

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