Monday, November 3, 2014

Pop Warner Little Scholars Banquet - Joshua May 2014

Joshua was selected to attend a banquet for the Pop Warner Little Scholars program.  His grades put him in the top 2% of all Pop Warner players.  The banquet was held at one of the Disney resorts.  Somehow, I was thinking that a 5pm banquet would be serving food.  I was mistaken on that and so we all had peanut M&Ms from the hotel gift shop for dinner.  

The boys checking out Joshua's swag bag full of goodies.  

Aside from not having food, it was a very nice banquet and we saw quite a few families from the Lake Brantley Pop Warner team, as well as families from all over the country.  

Can you tell they are tired and hungry? 

We are trying to look like a football family, when really we are more like a marching band family.  It was a fun season, but these boys weren't interested in signing up for a second season. 

I'm not quite sure what's going on here, but I think Keith is talking Megan into asking if we can leave to go get some food.  

Joshua crossing the stage shaking hands with Pop Warner leaders. 

With his certificate. 

You can't really dress us up and take us anywhere.  

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