Monday, November 5, 2012

Joshua's Mario Kart Wii Olympic Birthday Party

Joshua helped to plan his birthday party this year.  We looked around at venues to hold the party at and nothing really seemed to excite him.  So, we combined his two favorite things - Mario Kart Wii and the Olympics. 
 Trophies were awarded for the people who earned the top 4 scores and medals were given out to everyone else.

 Each child picked a bracelet when they came in.  The bracelet color was significant for who was on which team.

 Of of the games we played was the mushroom beanbag toss.

 Our dining room before being attacked by 10 six-to-eleven-year-old kids.

 Our cute goodie bags.  A little bit of candy and some fun craft stuff.

 We allowed some video game playing while everyone was getting to know each other.

The Yoshi Egg Run - which is our modification of the spring game of running with an egg on a spoon from one side of the yard to another.  

The Bowser Discus toss was a frisbee toss into a box decorated with Bowser.  Each time the  disc made it in the box, the kids scored points.

Another game was played was a shake-it game, where the kids had tissue boxes strapped to their bottoms filled with ping pong balls and they earned points for every ball they shook out of the box.  They had a blast!
 Every time the kids earned points, the score board (in the picture above) was updated.

 The final game was a "Mario Bros Castle Build-off".  Each team was given 50 solo cups and we set the time for 3 minutes to allow time for planning and implementing their design.

 Megan and Aidan looked like they didn't really have a plan.

 Isabella showed the boys a trick or two.

 Megan's team ended up winning with a very sturdy structure!!

The final few minutes of games were a couple of rounds of Mario Kart Wii. This got the the most giggles from the group.

 Each kid got a chance to race and add their final score to the big score board.

 Then we sang Happy Birthday to Joshua and added up the points to distribute the trophies.

 The kids all had a great time.  First place was awarded to one of Joshua's classmates.

After the party was over, the kids went to play in their rooms while I cleaned up.

Megan has taken control of the solo cups for building creations in her room.

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Stacie said...

That looks like it was so much fun!! Happy Birthday to Joshua!