Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happy Veteran's Day!

The kids' school had a big Veteran's Day celebration on Friday.

It was cold (for Florida) at about 65 degrees, and the program was outside in the front of the school.

The Altamonte Springs Police Department Color Guard came to present the colors. A stilt-walker dressed as Uncle Sam came from EPCOT Center.

There were members from all branches dressed in uniform enjoying the production that the kids put on.

Megan (in glasses and pig-tails) held her part of the big flag the second and third graders created during their number.

A few community veterans spoke telling each of their stories. It was really great, and all the kids listened very intently.

Daniel with the Uncle Sam had pulled down over his eyes, listening to one of the speakers.

The AMERICA dancers.

Joshua listening with his class.

The area was packed and had such a sense of community.

Francis the bald eagle came out to visit with the students. Here he is bravely saying hello to the Kindergarten classes.

It was a really great program. The marching band, chorus and cheerleaders from Lake Brantley High School came to perform. As well as a fly-over from some military planes.

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