Wednesday, September 26, 2007

We love learning!

We have survived our first few weeks of homeschooling. It really is turning out to be quite fun and much more flexible than racing to school in the morning. To catch everyone else up to speed, we made the final decision to homeschool the kids just 2 weeks before the school year was about to start. At first I was unsure about the decision, since I have a great talent of making things much harder than they really need to be. However, it has been fun and allows us to have a little more flexibility than the average school day. Joshua is on lesson 15 of the Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons book, and already he is reading quite a few words phonetically along with the 'sight words' that he already knows. Yesterday he sounded out and read a three word sentence and he was so proud of himself. He was excited because Keith was home and Joshua was able to read to him. Today we learned about the short I sound. We use a great website to help reinforce the sound the letters make. Joshua likes to use the computer. I think it is a combination of sitting on my lap getting undivided attention and being able to touch the computer since it is usually off-limits to the kids. We are also doing a lesson about plants right now. He's such a smart little cookie (typical mommy-brag, I'm sure!). We were reading about how paper is made from trees, which he then turned into a recycling lesson so that we could have more trees for owls to live in. He's on a big owl kick since he likes Mr. Roger's Neighborhood and the land of make believe has an owl. We've been learning about Aesop's Fables and trying to determine the lesson behind each of the stories. Earlier today we read The Ant and the Grasshopper. Then fast forward a few hours later when I was asking the kids to get their stuff together for baths. Megan was still playing in her room and Joshua declared that she was a 'grasshopper' because she wasn't getting her work done and she was just playing. I had to chuckle. We have a few science experiments coming up this week, I'll be sure to get some pictures.

Daniel is coloring and putting jewels (stickers) on the King's sceptor. We read the story about Queen Esther, then decorated crowns and sceptors to re-tell the story, then we watched the story on one of our My Bible Friends movies. The good part about homeschooling is that Daniel and Megan can join in on the developmentally appropriate activities.

This is another activity that we were doing. I wrote their names in big letters on constuction paper and they were glueing little foam hands inside the letters. Except for Daniel, he was coloring because he gets too messy with the glue stick.
Yippee for homeschooling - we get to learn in our PJs!

If you think using a glue stick is messy, you should see spaghetti night! For the longest time Daniel would not eat any kind of pasta. I recently made the switch to wheat pasta and he loves it and it looks good on him.

Oh dear! Daniel is in 'time-out' for running in the house, again. Not only does he run, but he makes the 'eeeek, vrrroooommm' sound with his Lightning McQueen slippers while he is running the circle from the livingroom thru the dining room thru the kitchen and back down the hall. Hopefully our next house doesn't have a 'race track' floorplan. His back-pack is filled with important things like a spiderman toy, two bouncy balls and a bunch of unmatched socks that he confiscated from on top of the dryer.

Joshua had a bad cough, so he stayed home the night of the concert. We went to a Music With Mar concert recently. This is Mar, the lady that owns the company. We have a couple of the CD's and the kids enjoy listening to them. She is holding Mr. Froggy. The kids really like the Mr. Froggy song. But even more so they enjoy the tapping sticks songs. We try to go to a Music with Mar class at least every other week.

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